Sunday, May 27, 2012

Better Know Your Arnie: Green Pow Arnie

BKYA is a feature on this dumb blog wherein Jeff writes too much about a variety of his favorite beverage, Arnold Palmer Iced Tea Lemonade.

I like to think AriZona looks at regional sales, sees that around me sales are high, so they like to introduce new varieties for testing purposes. I say this because I haven't seen Peach Arnie since I bought it. Then I went to the grocery store and saw this:

That's a canister of five packets of powder that make two quarts of Arnie for each packet. It is a powder version of Asian Arnie. However, it doesn't have the asian characters on it, so I declare it Green Pow Arnie. I've gone back after I bought it and haven't seen it since. So, there's a conspiracy is what I'm saying.

It was $4 for ten quarts of Green Pow Arnie. I thought it was pretty expensive since I have a bad sense of liquid volume. Here is one packet all mixed up and stuff and some poured into Lando:

That's a lot of Arnie for less than a dollar. 

The best thing about this stuff is there are only 40 calories in each packet, so 10 calories per serving. I didn't have high hopes for it. I thought it would taste like Skinny Arnie. I was very pleasantly surprised with the taste, it tastes nothing like Asian Arnie, so I was happy about my nickname change to differentiate them. Also, the wife likes it, so the score has to top 50.

Jeff's Score*: 58
Varieties: derp
Availability: Very low. I bought it and, poof, it was gone.
Stores: Roche Brothers

*Jeff's Score is a weighted score where Regular Arnie is a 90, Redneck Arnie is a 20, the one Skinny Arnie I had that tasted like metal is a 0

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