Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fenway Frank

"Hey, Jeff your blog is awesome, but what do you think of Fenway Franks?"- No One

Dear No One, I appreciate the message. By all accounts I should love Fenway Franks. I love hot dogs and I Iove the Red Sox.

But Fenway Franks are horrible hot dogs. If you have ever eaten any other hot dog before it was better than a Fenway Frank. The Sox should be embarrassed about their quality of dogs. They recently announced with great fanfare that they have improved the recipe. Well, take your fanfare and try again.

Yet every year I get one at my first Sox game. I add some onions and mustard, maybe some relish if I'm in the mood. The one above was when I had Monster seats the other day. It was bad.

But I also had my first ever burrito inside Fenway. Somehow I have never snuck a burrito inside, and never noticed a burrito vendor before. It was OK. The beer was good.

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