Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vegway Frank

"Hey Jeff, your blog about Fenway Franks was fascinating, but I am a vegetarian, what are your thoughts on the veggie dog at Fenway" - No One in the Known or Future History of the Universe

Dear Mr. Universe, thanks for writing and it is funny you should ask because I tried a veggie dog at Fenway yesterday. I brought Connor to his first Sox game. Here he is sitting on the visitor's dugout, I tried facing him towards the camera, but he would just launch himself at me and the camera:

I spent most of the time at Fenway just walking Connor around in his stroller. I recommend bringing a stroller to a baseball game. Walking around with a stroller, people actually get out of your way and don't bump into you. If you don't have a baby yourself, I would still recommend bringing a stroller. Just dress up a pineapple or something and put it in the stroller. I think people would really get out of your way if you did that.

Anyway, pushing Connor around got me hungry so I wanted to get something to eat. It was important to keep moving so I wanted to go to some place without a line. Believe it or not, the vegetarian vendor had no line. The veggie burgers looked bad, so I got a veggie dog. It was $5, the same as a Fenway Frank. 

I went to the condiment bar, threw some mustard on it and then excitedly started cranking the onion machine. I get way too much joy from the onion machine. Sadly, the onion machine was empty. That didn't stop me from continuing to crank it for a good 30 seconds. I probably looked like a maniac. So my veggie dog only had mustard on it, or just M.

So while continuing to push the stroller around, I ate the hot dog. And I have to say it wasn't too bad. I probably enjoyed it more than I enjoy my annual Fenway Frank. So if you are vegetarian, in the mood for a hot dog, have $5, and are at Fenway, you are weird, but get a Vegway Frank. You can find it behind the bleachers.

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