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When Adam Yauch passed away, I have to say I was really sad. I watched Good Morning America the day after he died and their story on him was a couple minutes long and consisted solely of clips from the video "Fight for Your Right" and two seconds of a clip from "So Wat'cha Want." It was a really crappy tribute. This blog is just trying to be better than that, and it probably already is.

I should point out that the Beastie Boys are one of my favorite groups, Paul's Boutique is the best album ever made, and MCA is my favorite Beastie Boy. But, I mostly just want to share awesome videos of the Beastie Boys. If for no other reason than I can come back here to watch them in one place.

Before I begin, I want to share a link for Free Tibet. It's not looking very likely that Tibet will ever become free from China again. China has a tight grip on Tibet and they are now purposely killing Tibetan culture. The fact that I know anything at all about this is solely because of Adam Yauch.

Anyway, the first Beastie Boys video I want to share is an unaired appearance of the Boys on Chappelle's Show performing "The New Style" on a boat. This was filmed then Chappelle went crazy and it was never aired. A guy that worked on the Chappelle's Show released it after MCA's death. Viacom keeps pulling it because they are evil. If this link goes bad again, I will try to update it. Here it is:

MCA has more juice than Picasso got paint.  At 1:27, I need to know if it was planned the train goes by at exactly the right time. Chappelle's "Mmm, drop" at 1:38 is really, really bad. Mostly because I've been practicing my own "Mmm, drop" for 25 years and I know I could do better. His "Fresh" at the end was pretty good though.

My favorite video directed by Nathaniel Hornblower (MCA) is Body Movin':

When it comes to quarries MCA is known to swim. I love when the bird attacks MCA at 3:53 and the plane explodes because of said bird attack.

Shadrach is another great Hornblower production:

MCA has more suits than Jacoby and Meyers. Every single frame is an individual painting, there's no video like it. At 1:16 an angry bear emerges from the water for some reason.

Hey Ladies is also a great video, though not by Mr. Hornblower:

Some such nonsense is the bass that MCA is throwing. MCA raps underwater at 1:41, you should check that out since he died and all.

This one's not on youtube so you will have to click on the next link, but it is the Boys performing on SNL:

Skip to 3:58 to watch the Boys playing "Sabotage" in character. Skip to 5:36 for MCA's awesome bass solo. He was a really good bass player. 

This one is 30 minutes long but it was written, directed and produced by Adam Yauch, and was his last video so watch it since you got this far in this blog:

MCA burns the competition like a flamethrower. The song really starts at 6:55 if you want to skip to that. Skip to 21:44 to watch everyone urinate on each other. You are weird if you just did that. 23:46 is MCA's last appearance in a video. He clubs Will Ferrell in the back. Followed soon by MCA in the song rapping "So cold on the mic, I'll make your teeth chatter." 

Shake Your Rump is really great, both the song and the video:

There's nothing wrong with MCA's leg, he is just B-Boy limping. That song and video are from 1989. Look at this list of top songs from 1989, other music was really terrible then.

Here's the Boys performing "Ch-Check it Out" on Letterman while emerging from the subway:

MCA will snatch you up with the needle nose pliers. Did you notice when they draw out "fresh" at 2:54? Well because of that I do that often when I say "fresh." Like, "Hey Heather, are these apples fresssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?" At 3:15, they visit an uncomfortable Dave, then hang out at his desk.

The last Spike Jonze directed video of the Boys is "Don't Play No Game I Can't Win." The video was written by Adam Yauch. Trust me when I say this, but there is no better 11 minute music video featuring all action figures.

MCA is coming down like a bird floating on the mist. I like at 2:20 when MCA congratulates Mike D on a nice kill shot. MCA was a Buddhist and refused to kill insects. At 3:55 MCA makes a flying knife kill. At 4:40 it doesn't look good for MCA as zombie action figures are attacking him and he can't go on and is hugging a teddy bear. But of course the other Boys go back to be with him in his time of need. Then they are rescued by a yeti. So if you got to reading this far and did not watch that video, aren't you pretty curious now? Yeti's are involved for God's sake. At 9:20 MCA is missing a wine cooler.

Here's an interview with the Boys with MCA in character as Nathaniel Hornblower:

MCA was also a really good snowboarder:

That song is called "Mullet Head." Did you know the Beastie Boys most likely invented the term "mullet" as a description of the haircut? It's true, look it up.

I'm going to add more videos here as I think of them, because it is my stupid blog.

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