Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mighty Subs: Honey BBQ Chicken Meal

Hey, we have some LTPOH up in here again.

It's the Friday Mighty Subs special. Check this out:

Yeah, that's right, $7.58 for all of that.  Oh, you want some cheese too, let's see $8.14.

This is my favorite of the weekly Mighty Subs specials. It is sliced Honey BBQ chicken, with LTPOH and I also add BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce mixes up nicely with the hots, so it is like a spicy BBQ sauce. Oh, and I add provolone cheese because cheese is good.

I probably bought this meal every Friday for 6 years. If you do the math, that's like 38 times I got this. Math is really hard. I like this one because it is pretty healthy. You got your coke zero, reduced fat Cape Cod potato chips, and the sub which is relatively healthy. Anyways, whatever, Jeff out.

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