Wednesday, April 11, 2012


That is the Ucheeseburger at Uburger. I believe it is the best burger in the world. It has lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and special sauce. LTPOSS if you will.

Heather got the Hot Chick which is grilled chicken with buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and blue cheese ("On the side!" Heather said, of course).

Here's a pic of it:

As you can see, Heather took some bites, so there is a chicken peninsula. Anyway, that sandwich is really good, and not too bad for you ("On the side!" Heather said, of course).

We also got fries and onion rings, both are yummy. Connor had a fry:

So if you want the best burger in the world, go to Uburger. And, yes, I have had In-n-Out so I don't want to hear it, whoever you are since no one knows about this blog.

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  1. "Since no one knows about this blog".....

    Well, since you let the cat out of the bag (I never understood what it was doing in the bag to begin with), I do now! I am adding LTPOH to my daily morning blog rotation. But please don't go censoring yourself or anything.

    One of the most hysterical blogs I've read to date. Why haven't you gone public??