Monday, April 2, 2012

Jeff's First Filet-o-Fish

Hi. I'm Jeff. I had my first Filet-o-Fish(FoF) on March 25th 2012 at the age of 36. I am a fast food enthusiast, so after eating it I decided to start the world's dumbest blog and share my thoughts.

Why hadn't you had a FoF before then? Wait, who are you all of a sudden asking me questions? You have a lot of nerve, but I guess I will answer them. Well I used to really hate seafood. Over the last 15 years I have started eating some seafood. I usually don't like it, so I hardly ever order fish in restaurants. My wife orders fish a lot, so I usually try her dish. Now my opinions of seafood are:
  • Shrimp, I like a lot and do order sometimes.
  • Mild white fishes are OK, so I thought a FoF might be good.
  • Sushi I like, or should I say I like maki rolls. So I often eat some rolls with weird seafood I usually wouldn't want to eat.
Anyway, I was at McDonald's buying my dog a McDouble and they had a special, $3.33 for a FoF and a medium fry. I was going to get a fry for myself anyway, so I splurged and got a FoF too.

Wait, you were buying your dog a McDouble? Uh, yes, I just said that. I have the world's best dog. This is Suzy:

She hardly ever gets non-dog food. One exception is every year on her birthday, she gets a McDouble. Guess when her birthday is? You're good, it's March 25th. She turned 10 this year. Here she is eating the McDouble:

OK. But the suspense is killing me, what did you think of the FoF? Hey, calm down, I'm getting there.

First, here's the FoF I ate:

I was not impressed with the appearance.
Here's my thoughts:
  • So it is fried, has tartar sauce AND cheese? Way to keep it healthy McD's.
  • No, really I don't think the cheese is necessary, and I love cheese.
  • First bite: It was way fishier than I thought it would be. I didn't think it was very good. I didn't taste any cheese
  • I realized I didn't get any of the tartar sauce also.
  • Second bite: I got some tartar sauce. It masks a lot of the fishiness. Better. Still no cheese taste.
  • Still not good.
  • I had one more bite, then gave the rest to my wife. Her thought was "They tasted better when I was a kid."
So I guess my final thought on it was it was alright, but as unhealthy as it is, I would much rather have something else. In other words, I was jealous of my dog's food. To improve it, I would add some cole slaw instead of the cheese.

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