Wednesday, April 11, 2012

El Pelon Taqueria

Hey Jeff, what's your favorite burrito?
Who are you? How do you keep asking me questions? No one knows about this blog. Ah, whatever, I'll answer it. If you made me pick I would choose El Pelon Taqueria. Though Anna's is close, so I feel bad about not mentioning them.

I went to El Pelon the other day and got my usual order, the Chicken Burrito with hot sauce. Here it is:

This is my favorite burrito because all of the ingredients are good. It has rice, beans, cheese, chicken, salsa, and lettuce. All of which on their own are really good (though I don't know what "good lettuce" means). The hot sauce is a little too hot for me, and I'm pretty good about handling hot things, so it's pretty hot. I usually regret getting the hot sauce, but not really.

El Pelon burned down a few years ago (again), then just reopened last year. I was happy. They have lots of other good stuff besides burritos.

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