Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eggs: Eggs Verde

Hey, what's with the "Eggs:" part of this blog's title?
Whoa, bold questions right away? OK, "Eggs:" is because I think this blog is cursed by an evil spirit and is trying to punish me.

Oh, I like eggs too - wait what? evil spirit?
Well, I think an evil spirit is offended by my blog and is taking it out on me. 

I like omelets too - wait what? you're still serious about this evil spirit thing?

Hey, just explain why you think this.
Let's just look at the facts to prove this blog is haunted by an evil spirit:
  • The first ever post to this blog was the Filet-o-Fish blog on April 2nd, 2012. 
  • My seventh blog was April 14th, so only twelve days later. Of those seven posts, only five were about food I ate, two of which were burgers. So you can assume I was planning to blog a lot about burgers.
  • I got food poisoning from one of my favorite burgers on April 16th, as documented later in my eighth blog. I didn't mention it in that post, but that happened on Patriot's Day. Instead of rooting for friends in the marathon, I spent the day in my bathroom.
  • I think an evil spirit caused that so I wouldn't blog about burgers.
  • This blog has zero posts about burgers since then. 

Whatever, that's just some things that happened to you, no evil spirits were involved. Umh?
Can you please put a little effort into actually asking a question? See, I just made a question. Well here's more evil spirit proof:

Have you noticed not many food posts from this blog lately? Well on July 27th (about four weeks ago), I broke a tooth. That was a Friday night, so I had to wait until the next Monday to even see my dentist.

Six days of lots of pain later, and after about five hours of sitting in three different dentist chairs while dentists did various unpleasant things to my mouth, I got a dental implant with a temporary tooth on top. I was told to wait 12 weeks to get a permanent crown, and then Bob's my uncle. 

I should mention that I hate going to the dentist. If I have a dentist appointment coming up, I dread it for weeks beforehand. I need to point out my dentist and dental technicians could not be any nicer, it's not their fault I'm weird. I even have my dental checkups tailored to my weirdness. I refuse to do a floride wash, and ask for cookie dough flavored tooth polish (you should do this too, it is much better.) Any time I get a new dental technician, they always chuckle when they see those notes in my file. The only reason I go to the dentist appointments at all is because Mighty Subs is across the street from my dentist. So during the dentist appointment I just focus on what delicious sub I will enjoy when the teeth people are done. 

Holy crap, I just asked about eggs before, where are you going with this?
Well, I got the dental implant. When it was over, I was so relieved, I must have missed when they told me to never bite on the temporary tooth. I just thought when the mouth healed, I was good to chomp away. The first thing I chomped on shattered the tooth, and sent me back for another 1.5 hours in a dentist chair. After that, I decided to be careful with the temporary tooth but I still enjoyed subs, burritos and pizza like normal. The tooth I broke is #5. If you know teeth (you don't), that is fairly close to the front so it was hard to keep food away from it. So every now and then a piece of the second temporary tooth would break off from food that would sneak over. I didn't want to spend any more time in a dentist chair before the 12 week checkup, so I soon vowed to eat only soft things. Soft foods recommended to me from the dentists were mostly foods I hate, like yogurt and cottage cheese. The only food that sounded fine with to me was eggs.

Finally! Eggs! But what about the evil spirit thing?
Now I am not eating burgers, subs, burritos and pizza. This all started when I created this blog. Yeah, I do believe an evil spirit has cursed this blog. 

But, again, why "Eggs:" in the blog title?
Oh, so I'm going to make eggs a lot and maybe blog about them. Here's what I made tonight, I call it Eggs Verde: 

I made two eggs, sunny side up (though I messed it up by breaking one yolk), and I made it Verde by digging out a Taco Bell Verde packet from the bottom of my diaper bag and adding that to the eggs. Taco Bell is nice enough to tell you how to pronounce "Verde" on the packet:

Hey, what's that other stuff on the plate?
Well, I garnished it with some mint, because I found mint in our fridge. Also, since the Pepperoni Shortage of July 2012 is over-

Pepperoni Shortage? That's ridiculous, i'm out of more questions from me. 
Umh, OK, the grocery stores around me ran out of the good pepperoni in July for some reason, it was pretty bad, so that's what the Shortage means.
The other stuff on the plate is fried pepperoni with cheese. Pepperoni I can eat OK with the bad tooth, because I can just throw it into the back of my mouth away from the temporary tooth. I'm sure the evil spirit is working on an anti-pepperoni curse now.

I paired the Eggs Verde with a Saranac Kolsch:

By "paired" I mean I looked in my fridge, said "Ugh, I need to buy some more beer." Then just pulled the Kolsch out of the fridge by default. Anyway, the eggs and pepperoni were pretty good.

In conclusion, eggs?

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