Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eggs: Egg McMuffin

I recently heard that Egg McMuffins have less than 300 calories. I was surprised that they could manage that. I then thought about it and I don't think I ever ate an Egg McMuffin before. I've have the Sausage McMuffin a few times, maybe, but not the one with ham on it.

So one morning when Connor didn't take a morning nap, we moseyed down to McD's to get an Egg McMuffin. Similar to the first post on this blog about the Filet-o-Fish, they happened to have a promotion, two McMuffins for $3.33. One was about $3, so I had to get two. My first Egg McMuffin:

For the second, I got the Sausage McMuffin:

Connor had some of the Muffin part of a McMuffin:

I thought it was pretty good, especially for under 300 calories. I got sick of it pretty quickly though. I ate a little over one McMuffin of the two. Connor ate a bunch of the muffin of the rest. I don't think I'll get one again. I would just wait until lunch was available, then eat somewhere else because McD's isn't very good. EGGS!!!!

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