Friday, April 12, 2013

Recipe: Homemade Double Gulp

OK, this post is really dumb. I need to tell you that. So if you continue reading this post, I don't want to hear complaints that it is dumb. Well, let's get to the dumbness. If you read my earlier post you will know that I was happy a 7-11 opened nearby recently. Well, the new 7-11 was a little disappointing because they don't have Diet Mountain Dew on tap, and it is $0.20 more expensive for a Double Gulp at the new location versus the one less than two miles away. Yes, this is stuff I get disappointed about.

Anyway, I decided to make a Double Gulp at home. Here's the ingredients:

Diet Mountain Dew was on sale for $0.88 for a two liter bottle. I bought one. I put some crushed ice in a Double Gulp container that I saved. I also saved the top and straw. Let's pause right here and appreciate how dumb this is. I saved a cheap plastic container, with the top and the straw, and took a picture of it, and have now uploaded the picture to the internet. OK, so the recipe is you pour the soda into the container. Here's the result:

Afterwards there was a little less than half of the Mountain Dew left in the two liter bottle, if you were wondering. A few hours later (yes, I'm not a monster, it takes me a few hours to consume that much soda) my mother-in-law came over. She said "Oh, someone went to 7-11."
I said, "Well, actually that is a homemade Double Gulp."
"Oh, OK."
There were no follow up questions, she was happy with that answer, and honestly when you encounter something so dumb, what's the point of followup questions?

So what do you think, this was really dumb, wasn't it?

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