Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jeff and Heather Abandon Their Child for 18 Hours

I haven't blogged in a while, because who cares, right? Also when I was working on this post, I spent a good amount of time on it and it had many pictures and witty remarks. Then I clicked on something and all of a sudden the post, and witty remarks, disappeared. I then spent an hour trying to recover it. That didn't work out, so I had to type everything again. So for a while I decided to play Borderlands 2 instead of blogging, is what I am saying. 

Anyway, in some distant time ago (September), Heather and I had a night off from Connor and spent the evening in Boston. We went to Boston and went to go ride bikes, like we do, when I noticed I had a flat tire. I usually fix my own flat tires I should say, but we were in a race against time to get somewhere, so I brought the wheel to some bike store a block away. While I was at the bike shop I bought a hat to wear underneath helmets. I bought this:

Finally a picture. I was so happy to find a hat that I could wear underneath a helmet. I often bike around wearing a helmet, and carrying a baseball hat. A few days later I figured out a baseball hat also fits underneath a helmet, I don't know why I never tried it before. :(

We then biked to a professional bike race that was going on in Boston:

Wee! Bikes!

Well, I didn't have high hopes about watching a bike race live, but the finish could not have been more exciting. At the end, some cyclist was in the lead and just before the finish line he pulled up to celebrate, while that happened some other guy snuck past him for the win. Here I capture the guy losing the race if you look closely:

No exaggeration, but it was the craziest end of a bike race that I have ever witnessed. It's not an exaggeration because it is the only bike race I have ever witnessed.

Anyway, screw those guys, it's time for food. We got some pizza at one of my favorite pizza places:

That's right we went to Pizza Hut (err, I mean Ernesto's in the North End of Boston.) We then went to some bar that had Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA on tap. So we got Coors Light, because it is the Silver Bullet:

Yeah, that was a joke, we got that Dogfish Head thing.

We then biked towards home and took some pictures together by the Charles River:

Here's a picture of just Heather:

As new parents, we love playgrounds, even without a child. So we went by one and Heather went down a slide:

I did too (not pictured):

Time for dinner. We went to the Beacon Street Tavern and enjoyed some adult beverages:

We got two beers. Then I got a delicious burger:

Heather asked for some food that is round, but but only if they were red, good thing that they had Red Calamari:

(There was a red light, do I have to explain every stupid joke on this dumb blog?) We then went for a long walk and ended up in Alston at a Korean bakery. Heather shopped around for a long time and we ended up with these things:

I picked the thing on the left, it was a mince meat pastry. While Heather was shopping, I thought the mince meat thing was the best deal.  It was $1.50. We then walked by the Empanada place that Heather and I always joke about:

Sorry, you don't get the stupid inside joke. Anyway, we Hubway'd to our place afterwards and slept.

The next morning, we biked to Cambridge:

Heather got a coffee, and I got a $4 Arnie:

Then we went to Flat Patties, and I got another delicious Cheeseburger:

Heather likes going there because they also have a delicious fish sandwich:

Anyway, we went home to our child after that. What did we learn here? Nothing really, that was just a bunch of stuff we did and you read about it.

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