Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jeff's Favorite Food in the World

If you read my earlier blog about my second father's day, you will remember that I teased that I would be having my favorite food in the world the next week. If you didn't read it, click on those blue letters. I made them bluey for you. 

Now you must be curious what my favorite food in the world is. To further tease you, I'll just say that this food has not been in my blog yet. (Yeah, I know you can scroll down and see what it is, but just let me believe you are in moderate to high suspense. Oh, I figured out how to put jump breaks in the blogs, I'm going to put one of those in here soon, so maybe you can't actually scroll down)

Alright, my favorite food in the world is:

Chinese chicken fingers with that hot Chinese mustard stuff. I bet you were thinking pizza or burrito. Those are both good guesses. If you guessed cottage cheese, seek help. I got them from Dragon Chef in Needham. Check out their website, it is really bad, like 1997 website bad. The restaurant itself looks, I'll just say, like the internet from 1997. But the chicken fingers are above average and it is close to home. 

Whatever, let's get to some bullet points!

  • If you think about it, fried chicken of some sort had to be my pick. "It" being Jeff's Favorite Food, and there really is no reason why you should have thought of "it" before this blog. But fried chicken is pretty awesome. It takes delicious chicken, then makes it delicious-er by deep frying it, usually with a delicious-est batter of some sort. Chinese chicken fingers just happens to be my favorite type of fried chicken.
  • This seems to be a regional item to New England. Whenever I've lived elsewhere, Chinese restaurants don't seem to have it as an item. What they do usually have is sweet and sour chicken. That is chicken fingers coated in sweet and sour sauce. I used to order sweet and sour chicken, hold the sauce. This order never went smoothly. Also, the fingers themselves were never as good as mediocre chicken fingers in New England. They are usually smaller, lower quality chicken, and less delicious batter.
  • Honestly, whenever I think of where else in the country I would live, it always ends with me thinking "That place won't have good Chinese chicken fingers. Or subs. Nope, I'm staying here."
  • I do not have an off-switch on eating Chinese chicken fingers. I eat them until they no longer exist. For example, the ones pictured above were part of a really big order, overflowing out of a big Chinese food container. This stayed out on the counter for a while. Each time I walked by, I ate one until they were gone.

I felt weird just walking in and ordering a large order of chicken fingers. But when I walked in I was immediately asked what I wanted. Not having a chance to peruse the menu I just blurted out "chicken lo mein!"

The lo mein wasn't too great. Anyway, that's about it. Now you know what my favorite food in the world is. So you can sleep easy tonight. 

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  1. Chinese chicken fingers????? You have got to be kidding me!