Saturday, January 26, 2013

2012: The Year in Sandwiches

Hi! I made a 40 second video showing all the pictures of sandwiches I took this year:

Some notes, so I can put some awesome bullet points in this thing.
  • That's 66 photos of sandwiches. 
  • There's one picture that is just a slice of pizza. That was my mistake, and I am so, so sorry.
  • I decided to include burritos. They are kind of like a sandwich, bread type stuff on the outside, food in the middle.
  • I decided to leave out tacos. I don't know why I would include burritos and not tacos, but I DID! SO DEAL WITH IT!

I also made a separate video showing all my food photos from the year, including all non-sandwiches if you want to see some tacos. This one is 1:19 long:

That has 130 different photos.

In conclusion, I probably take too many pictures of food, and sandwiches are yummy.

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