Friday, August 9, 2013


So, yeah I'm blogging again, deal with it! I went to Tennessee a few weeks ago, so now you have to look at pictures. Well, the night before I went to TN, the family went out for Chinese food. Yummy, Mai Tai's:

What's this?

Yeah, we got some chicken fingers. The next day I went to the airport and got an airport burrito:

For an airport burrito, it was pretty good. I arrived in Nashville and when I got to my hotel room, I had a nice view of the capital building:

I look at that photo now and I just think, "Dizurm, it looks hot!" And yes, it was warm, and I say "dizurm" sometimes.
I met my friends and we got my first BBQ meal in the South at Rippy's. I ordered the Texas Toast Brisket Melt. I was the last of my friends to order food. Immediately after my order, all my friends changed their order to the TTBM. I'm a professional food blogger. Anyway, here it is:

After dinner we hit some bars and I didn't take any pictures, and eventually I went to the hotel. The next day we had some puppets:

And some mascot on a quad with Spreewells:

More puppets:

Ho-hum, it was just an international puppet festival, no big deal. Here's looking up from our hotel lobby:

Here's the breakfast buffet plate I came up with the next morning:

Sausage gravy and potato casserole almost gave me a heart attack, they were so rich. But both need to be imported up north to breakfast buffets.

Afterwards, it was time to go to my friends' party. We met at a Dairy Queen. I got a hamburger, fries, a soda, and an ice cream for $5:

I took that picture at a table with about 10 people. I pretended I was texting so no one would ask why I'm taking a picture of a hamburger. Also, five bucks, that's a good deal! Then we went to the party grounds:

Future bonfire:

Future bar:

Five hours later (sorry, I didn't take many pictures), I killed a worm by accident:

For the next three hours after that I went back to my hotel to watch the Bruins lose a Stanley Cup Final game. I wish I didn't do that. Afterwards, I went back to the party and took this photo, because it was Supermoon night:

Then, me and like 20 people went for a hay ride through some stuff, and this is the best picture I took:

Lots of bugs is what I remember about that ride. Later at the party there was this band:

My first Matsonfest was fun I should say. The next day I drove to Memphis. I stopped in Jackson, TN and got some food. First, buttery buns:

Mmmm, butter. Then ribs, pulled pork and a chicken breast:

It was one of the best BBQ meals I have ever had. I ordered Sizzlin' Onions as my side and got that plate of caramelized onions. Even as an onion enthusiast, I didn't know what to do about a bowl of onions.
I later arrived in Memphis and took this picture:

That's some guy. Here's Beale Street:

Heather is from Ohio so I took this picture:

Here's me at some place:

Groovy pool room, some guy:

The back of Graceland:

That's lots of AC units, the King should have lived until he could have central air and afford a bigger pool:

The guy converted a snowmobile to run on ground for some reason.

Elvis was hanging around his house with Lisa Marie one day and had an epiphany that Lisa Marie had never seen snow. He fired up his plane and flew Lisa to Colorado. She threw a couple snow balls, and they flew back to Memphis. She later married Michael Jackson. Me and that plane:

After Graceland, I went and ate one of the best meals I have ever eaten:

Memphis dry ribs, fried pickles and onion rings. This was some hole in the wall BBQ place. Here's the ribs close up:

Pickle/Rib closeup:

Later on the trip I drove into Arkansas, just so I can say I've been to Arkansas:

I've been to Arkansas.

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